What is the most CPU-intensive PC game?

What is the most CPU intensive PC game? Most games, even Crysis, do not require very much CPU power and will work perfectly on a dual core processor. A quad core CPU does not make Crysis run faster. Today's PC games are much more GPU bound. I heard a rumor that GTA4, World in Conflict, and Race Driver GRID are coded to make full use of a quad core processor.

But that's just a rumor, are there really any games which are fully multi-threaded throughout a quad core CPU?
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  1. I might suggest the new RAGE game?
  2. GTA4 will eat up your whole processor. Not because the game is efficiently using your CPU, but because it is coded so poorly that it hogs all of your resources :(
  3. BC2 is very cpu intensive.
  4. surely GTA 4- !
    Btw, it really uses a Quad core well -
  5. Prototype; getting a big performance boost after my CPU upgrade. And some 7300 GT rigs with good cpu's run the game nicely. And BTW, Prototype ran badly with my 9800 GT on my former CPU so its definitely a lot more on the CPU

    after upgrading my dual core processor/CPU from 2.00 GHZ(nasty!) to 2.7GHZ(dual core too), I also got a huge performance boost in Crysis and Mass Effect; so those two also love the CPU
  6. X3: Terran Conflict

    Here's a rolling demo of the game:

    I've only tested the rolling demo on my PC, I have not played the game yet. I am still playing the previous game; X3: Reunion.

    Regardless of what resolution and graphics quality settings I use (HD 5850), frame rate changes very little. Overclocking my Q9450 resulting in improved frame rates.
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