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I've seen some systems that connect a normal telephone to a Gizmo which then connects to a high-speed internet line. Then I pay a service (like $200 a year) for unlimited calls to real phone numbers.

Ok. My question is does a corless handset (no base station) exist which is able to connect to the wireless 802.11b router directly and let me use a VoIP service. I can then take the same phone to a WiFi hotspot and do the same thing.
I (currently) don't need to connect to a cell phone band such as GSM or PCS.
Any ideas?? I want to get rid of my phone line completely.

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  1. Removing phone line, but then having no cell phone service seems rather risky to me. Either the electricity or your Internet link goes down and you're left in the dust. You can get a prepaid phone and pay as little as $10 a month (depending on provider) to have an emergency phone. And if you buy a phone supporting wifi, you can use it to connect to your wifi router. Check out my post about prepaid versus post paid contracts:
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