Trying to reinstall win 7 screen goes black after loading files

So, i'm reinstalling win 7 ultimate. I try and boot from DVD and it loads files the the screen goes black. Help?
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  1. Does it successfully complete the installation process? Are you able to boot into Win 7 afterwards?

    Regardless, need to know more about your system specifications to be able the help (CPU, GPU, memory, etc....).
  2. No, I can't install Win 7 whicih is the problem, The computer will post fine and when i select my DVD player as boot drive to install win 7, it will load the required files and show the Win 7 loading scree then the screen will go blank. I've tried different DVDs of Win 7, Burned at 2* speed and still it won't work.

    MY specs:

    Q9400 CPU
    4 gb RAM
    1* 2tb HDD, Caviar Green
    *500gb HDD
    5770 MSi hawk
  3. Where did you get your source DVDs?
  4. well, I've brought Win 7 but don't plan on installing it until I'm absolutely sure, everything is working and that i don't have to reinstall again. So i'm using a pirated download (Again, temporally) which has worked in the past, but for whatever reason has stopped, I burned the iso again, 2* speed. Then that didn't work, so i downloaded another copy which again, wouldn't work.
  5. toastman69 said:
    So i'm using a pirated download.

    Well, at least you know what your problem is. And I'm sure you don't expect any further help here.
  6. Ijack said:
    Well, at least you know what your problem is. And I'm sure you don't expect any further help here.

    As the esteemed ijack said, we are done here.
  7. If I understand your situation, you want to prove that your hardware can support Windows 7 before you break the seal on the package. If you have doubts about your hardware, then that is probably the problem, but as other have pointed out it could also be your pirated software.

    There is a 180-day trial version of Windows Server 2008 R2 that you can download from Microsoft. If that will run on your hardware, then Windows 7 should also run.
  8. BTW, your logic/rationale is flawed. Use the proper DVD to install. If it fails, the system never gets registered/activated anyway. If it installs, you are good to go.

    Using pirated software adds all sorts of risks as to what is actually installed as a result.

    Not cool at all.....
  9. Toastman69 had a genuine error that you failed to resolve. I have the same problem on a Sony Vaio - no need for specifications because is quite a new model - I had installed a genuine Wi7 and now I have issues with it and I am trying to boot from the CD, but I encointered the same error. I am still looking for a way out of this...
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