What router are fast enough for onlive?

i use DSL and wanted to access the Onlive service. However, my linksys wrt150n only clocked at 1.1mbps, 5x less than recommended. what should i upgrade to? is the linksys E series any good?
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    Thats not the speed of your router, thats the connection from your ISP, I think most gamers wouldn't settle for less that 1MB up and 4MB down.
  2. I worked for a major ISP and it was recommended a minimum of 3Mb down, if also online with a PC they recommend 6Mb down for no lag issues, all routers now a days are minimum 100mb transfer rate and some go to 1Gb transfer rate, so even a really fast ISP (I have 30Mb down) will not even push a routers MAX speed (Wireless G is 54Mb so that's not an issue either)
  3. i realize that now after reading up. Locks like the only way is fios, because 7.1mb dsl isnt availiable where i live.
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