Wow pfs on similar system

im about to get the cash to get my pc and i was looking for some fps on w.o.w off of your systems to know when i start mine up that ill know its up to par.

i930,6gb ram 1600, 5770 now crossfire later. (ya its not 100% good for games but its not a 100% game only pc)

if your system is close to that tell me what your fps are.
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  1. most probably not close but should give you an idea...

    I have a q6600@3.0Ghz and a 4870 512MB... I play at 1680x1050 with all settings max except for shadows which I limit to medium... depending on the situation I can hit over 100 fps (25 man raids under no stress)... the most demanding boss battles set me down to around 30 fps and I feel it's no real problem for it, still looks smooth as silk
    Dalaran is another beast... I've been down to 20s there but rarely do I drop below 40

    still... remember that wow benefits more from high cpu clocks over graphics muscle
  2. I run at 60 fps (v-sync enabled, so i'm capped at 60) in most zones / instances. Only area I dip low in is Dalaran (~45 fps).

    This is running at 1920x1080 resolution with Graphic Settings set to "High"

    See sig below for system specs.
  3. i have a q6850 cpu with gtx285 and 4gb ram.
    res 1920x1080 and max settings (vsync off) .

    I hit 150 fps sometimes more at classic wow and 50-60fps in dalaran .Never below 40fps in raids or populated areas.
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