My best game ever on PC

I love sport and others..THAT CAN PLAY,
1.Pro Evolution Soccer(09,10,and so on..)
2.Rugby 08
3. MotoGP 03(er.. i have o8 version,but it only can play it SUCKS!!)
4.half-life (best fps lan games ever)
5. whatever CS it is..(ahaha...FUN)
6.half life 2 (luv the gameplay)
7.COD 4 (not the 2nd one..)
8.serious sam 2 (bst when play in coop)
9. Flat Out 2 (luv derby one..)
10.Burnout paradise(not multiplayer..but real crash graphic)..

that's my 10 list of pc games..but i assure u that play FABLE and JADE OF EMPIRE..i not put them into my list because its too incredible gameplay, full of excitement..and it is the most best game ever i played..believe me play FABLE..and JADE OF EMPIRE
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  1. 1. Crysis
    2. Crysis warhead
    3. Unreal tornament 2004
    4. Oblivion (Hands down most modded PC game ever, potentially thousands of hours of gameplay)
    5. Starcraft
    6. Warcraft 3
    7+8. Mass effect 1+2 (I wish they were made for PC then ported, and not the other way around, but they are still unmistakably amazing)

    Havent been PC gaming too long, so I cant make it to 10. These are not in any order, I love them all equally.
  2. 1) Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn
    2-10) ???????

    (I'm not biased at all!)
  3. In no particular order:

    1) Warhammer:Dawn of War (I guess the 2nd one too)
    2) Aliens Vs Predator 2 (Best MP)
    3) Left 4 Dead (Best Co-op)
    4) Diablo 2
    5) Shogo: MAD
    5) Blood 1 & 2
    6) Half-Life 2 (I played this, then 1, but didn't find anything amazing about 1)
    7) Age of Empires 1+2/Age of Mythology
    8) Titan Quest
    9) Incoming ( An ancient game that came with my first pc in 1998/99, surprisingly fun)
    10) Ceaser III

    I didn't include MMO's in which I would probably only include Guild Wars anyways. I mainly chose these games since I would guess I spent at least 24+ hours playing and enjoying them.
  4. Listed after importance

    1. Batman Arkham Asylum
    2. Half-Life 2
    3. Mafia (go eat dirt GTA)
    4. Civilization (the first one)
    5. Racedriver GRID
    6. Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
    7. Battlefield Bad Company 2
    8. Baldur's Gate 2
    9. Unreal Tournament '99, '03, '04
    10. World of Warcraft (spent 2½ years on the game, those were good times)
  5. For me:

    1st place: Battle for Middle Earth 2: Rise of the Witch King (Arguably the best 4-8 player LAN game ever)
    2nd place: Men of War (Semi-unknown, but insanely good game, blows Company of Heroes out of the water IMO, download the demo)
    3rd place: Oblivion (Such a great game, always fun to play/mod)

    Honorable Mentions

    Counter Strike: Source
    Bad Company 2
    Modern Warfare 1 (I like it better than 2)
    CoD 2
    Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge
    Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

    All are great games and I would recommend them to all
  6. 1. Baldur's Gate 1&2
    2. Morrowind
    3. Oblivion
    4. FF7
    5. Warcraft 3

    6-10 (in no order)
    Mount & Blade (best indie game ever)
    Doom 1+ 2
    Total Annihilation
    Command and conquer

    Mostly into RPGs/strategy so not much variety as far as genres go.
  7. 10. Modern Warfare 1
    9. Star Wars Galaxy
    7. Arkham asylum
    6.Half life
    5.Left 4 dead
    4. Left 4 dead 2
    3.Half life 2
    2. CS:S
    1. GMOD :O can't beat user created Roleplay ;)
  8. L0tus said:
    1. Baldur's Gate 1&2
    2. Morrowind
    3. Oblivion
    4. FF7
    5. Warcraft 3

    6-10 (in no order)
    Mount & Blade (best indie game ever)
    Doom 1+ 2
    Total Annihilation
    Command and conquer

    Mostly into RPGs/strategy so not much variety as far as genres go.

    I knew I was forgetting one, how could I forget? To this day I still have the orginal PC version with the box and everything. Funny because I was gifted it to my brother in law and remember him saying "It's a good game". I though ehh and literally let it sit in the closet for about a year (I think I was way too into Age of Empires and other games at the time). So when I hit a little gaming drought I took it out and played on of the best RPG games ever. As for the rest of the series X and XII were pretty good too.
  9. Master of Orion 1 and 2
    Diablo 1 and 2
    Tiger Woods and Madden any version
    And D&D Pool of Radiance from the early 90's

    And let's not forget Starflite from the late 80's
  10. 1. Left for dead 2
    2. Just Cause 2
    3. Bad Company 2, would be first but I can't run it w/o lag :(
    4. Modern Warfare 2
  11. Some people read books for great stories, some watch movies for great plots and thrillls, but nobody can deny the fact that story behind a game, makes the game!

    1. Dead Space (I can't believe nobody put this game in their list) - and awaiting the sequel
    2. Assassin's Creed
    3. Assassin's Creed 2 (The first and sequel are story and history orientated- Just Brilliant)
    4. F.E.A.R. (From the first, to Extraction Point, To Perseux Mandate)
    5. F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin - Only now the whole story is coming alive
    6. Max Payne and Max Payne 2 (Brilliant emotional sequences)
    7. Dragon Age (The whole series - Yes they are all lenghty, but brilliant Story and quests in the games)
    8. The Witcher (Great role playing and following the story line in your own time and way!
    9. Modern Warfare 1 and extending to 2 (Brilliant followup on original setting ang story)
    10. Brothers in Arms (The whole series - Great Game play and Great story base, Settings of emotion and excitement)

    I think all true gamers are after the story in the games, nobody truely wants to blast in, shoot dead and get out, unless you have nothing else to do, or your mentality is not up for a challenge!

    Dane (South Africa)
  12. I am a serious gamer & played lots of game on my pc.My top 10 favorite games:

    1.Devil may cry 3-dante's awaking(special edition)

    2.Devil may cry 4(directX10) *(no. 1 favorite game :)

    3.Assassin's creed(directX10)

    4.Assassin's creed 2 *(brilliant)

    5.Call of duty modern warfare

    6.Call of duty modern warfare 2(this 1 rocks)

    7.Prince of Persia 2008

    8.Dirt 2(directX11)

    9.Resident evil 5(directX10)


    Best 3d game publisher : CAPCOM & UBISOFT
  13. In no particular order.

    1. Legends of Might and Magic (Medevil rip-off of CS, my first online game. 3do went under but community kept it alive with clan tourneys and player hosted servers)
    2. Heroes of Might and Magic 2, 3 and 4 (2 got me into computers, best TBS games)
    3. Red Alert - Command and Conquer (The other game that got me into PC gaming)
    4. WC2 and WC3
    5. Might and Magic 6, 7 (some of best RPG ever)
    6. Bad Company 2 (best FPS hands down)
    7. Mount and Blade (picked this up recently for when I'm bored, really fun game)
    8. Doom (idbehold?)
    9. Portal (nuff said)
    10. WoW (great game for the first few years, was in a great guild)
  14. 1. Railroad tycoon 2 platinum(best simulator game I ever played)
    2. Commandos beyond the call of duty( just WOW)
    3. Civilization 3
    4. Bioshock 2
    5. Age of Empire 1,2,3(yeah I know they are 3 games but they all hold same position to me)
    6. mass effect 1,2
    7. Mafia(GTA cant touch this, wonderful game)
    8. Resident Evil 3(no other horror game can compare to this one)
    9. GTA San Andreas
    10. Dead space(one of the best horror games I ever played)

    I gotta mention those games too, GRID(best racer game I ever played), Rollercoaster tycoon III(really great game), Tropico 1,3(impressive), portal(the cake is a lie), Elders Scrolls:oblivion(too long but very fun), fallout 3( this would be 11 :) ), Heroes of might and magic III(put alot of time into this one, really great game, I started playing it at 2009 and it was wonderful non the less) and manhunt
  15. 1. The Tekken Franchise [FYI, Hav Them on PC]
    2. Call Of Duty Franchise
    3. Unreal Tournament 04
    4. GTA San Andreas
    5. Just Cause 2
    6. Rise Of The Naitions Gold
    7. FIFA 05 - 10

    Top of my list without a shadow of a doubt has to be, yes you guessed it, Red Dead Redemption [Rockstar Just have to hook up a PC vers. They really have to...I would really luv to get my hands on this one, i cant express my hunger for this one.....eish!
  16. In no particular order:

    1 - Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix
    2 - America's Army
    3 - Black Hawk Down
    4 - Unreal Tournament (original and 2003)
    5 - COD3 and 4
    6 - Battlefield 1942
    7 - Battlefield 2
    8 - King's Bounty: Armored Princess
    9 - F.E.A.R. (the entire series ROCKS)
    10 - Planescape: Torment
  17. Top 10 seems to be the order so will place it that way.. Not as per ranking though..

    01. Doom 3
    02. Half-Life (entire series)
    03. Colin Mcrae Rally (04 and 2005)
    04. Prince Of Persia (entire series)
    05. F.E.A.R (entire series)
    06. Splinter Cell (entire series)
    07. Grand Theft Auto (vice city till now)
    08. Mafia
    09. Max Payne (1 and 2)
    10. Batman : Arkham Asylum

    The list would go on to add few more but that's with most i guess.. Would've loved to add AOE II, NFS MW and The Secrets Of Monkey Island but listed are the ones i've replayed the most..
  18. Far Cry
    Age of Empire II with the Conquerors pack
    COD series
    L4D series
    HL series
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
  19. yo dude how did you manage to get the DMC 3 SE controls to work proper...please let me now......and if you created a controlMK profile can you pls hook me up....
  20. Call of Duty Series
    Medal of Honor Series
    Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    Frontlines Fuel of War
    Sniper Elite
    Sniper Ghost Warrior (preferred Elite though)
    Call of Juarez 1 and Bound in Blood
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky/Shadow of Chernobyl
    Half Life 2
    Battlefield 2 (Installation was a headache for some and also I didn't know tanks could go as fast as Knight Rider in this one!!!)
    Counter Strike without cheats : P (Cheaters means No True Skill, Losers Will Say Whatever as an Excuse for using cheats)
    NFS Underground 2, Most Wanted Black Edition & Carbon
    Hitman and Assassin's Creed (though a bit story-oriented and long winded)
    I frankly don't know the reason why I don't like Crysis, maybe should not have played it after Call of Duty: World at War, because the game just didn't feel too realistic, they were poles apart.
    Super Mario Brothers/Mario Forever just for the heck of it though quite addictive to some...
    Oh and two games I am sure all gamers would not have been without trying and getting pissed off when bored being in-built PC games Solitaire and Spider Solitaire!!! lol

    Just a few that I liked and well I do have other games installed like Far-Cry 2 and NFS other series(Shift, Hot Pursuit2, ProStreet, Undercover), America's Army, Arma, Soldier of Fortune, Battlefield 1942, IGI, but none of them as interesting. It's just my humble opinion, not compulsory to agree/disagree. You are free to have your own.
  21. RuneScape :lol:
  22. Star Wars Games
    Civilization Series
    Prince Of Persia
    Half Life
  23. split second
    world of warcraft
    star trek online
    sniper, ghost warrior
    rhythm zone
    dinner dash 5: boom
    oregon trailer

    haha those were joke...
    deez r epic

    halflife 1
    halflife 2 (and infinite decent mods)
    freespace 2
    diablo 1-2
    supreme commander
    just cause 2
  24. Warcraft 1-3
    Diablo 1-2
    Free Space
    Civilization 2
    Mass Effect 1
    Planescape Torment
    Lord of the Realms 2

    Probably forgetting some other good ones I played.
  25. Not played games in a good couple of years, so my list will be missing the more recent ones but her's my top 10:

    1. Mafia
    2. Final Fantasy 8
    3. Deus Ex
    4. Fable
    5. Far Cry
    6. Call Of Duty
    7. Soldier Of Fortune
    8. Escape From Monkey Island
    9. Max Payne
    10. Hitman

    I am now eagerly awaiting the release of Mafia 2 to rekindle my gaming enthusiasm!
  26. RUNESCAPE :lol:
  27. 1.Resident evil 4 ( with my controller)
    2.Assassin's creed 1&2
    3.Batman : Arkham Asylum
    4.Splinter Cell (entire series)
    5.Max Payne (1 and 2)
    6.Bad company 2
    7.Brother in arms (whole series)
    8.Crysis warhead
    9.Prince of persia (whole series)
    10.Just cause 2
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