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Xbox 360 slim Arcade - HDD transfer question


I'm curious about the prospect of the Xbox 360 slim, arcade edition. I know speculation is still rampant on what features it will have (IE: Will it still have wifi, kinect port, etc), however, I do have a question and maybe it's still too early to tell:

If you bought a 360 slim arcade edition, would you be able to transfer your hard drive from your old 360 to the new slim and have everything work OK?

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    You would need to get a transfer kit. Think they are $15-20 or find someone to borrow one.

    The new slim has a different fitting/shape so you cant just plug in old HD.

    This link was just posted in news.,10705.html

    Covers the slim very well, good read.
  2. Sweet, thanks!
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  4. You don't need the transfer kit if all you want to do is to drop your old hard drive into the new xbox. Just open the had drive enclosure from the old xbox 360 and drop the 2.5 inch SATA drive contained therein into the new xbox 360 slim. If you leave the xbox horizontally and never move it, it should be fine. Otherwise, go buy a 9 dollar xbox 360 slim drive enclosure from and that will keep the drive from bouncing around and allow you to safely use it in the vertical position.
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