Red Faction Guerrilla?

Does anyone play Red Faction Guerrilla on PC anymore nowdays?
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  1. I tried it but didn't like it.
  2. I played it through on Xbox. Its not a great game, but not a waste of time. Was there a multiplayer? I honestly wouldnt play it if there was.
  3. Wow, why all the hate for RFG. I had the game on Xbox 360 and it was awesome. Thought about getting it for PC but I kept reading that it was a horrible port and had tons of issues, so I just stuck with the 360 version. I thought the story was pretty good, and how can you not love GeoMod.

    Multi-player on the other hand wasn't as fun for me. If they had made something similar to wrecking crew as a multi-player mode then I would have enjoyed it much more. Me and my friend would play wrecking crew all the time and have tons of fun...I really just wish they had added that ability to multi-player.

    Multi-player was fun at first but it got boring pretty fast. Custom matches were the only fun thing for me and we could come up with some interesting game modes, kind of like in Halo custom matches, which is all I liked Halo for as well.

    They also could have added things like vehicles to multi-player which may have made it a tad more fun...overall I thought the single-player was an 8/10, and multi-player 5/10.

    Oh, and I almost forgot. To answer your question, no, I don't play it on PC. But you're not alone. No one plays it on Xbox 360 anymore either. Especially during the night (10PM - 8AM)...usually can't find a game at all around those times. And even during the day it takes like 10 minutes just to find a lobby, sometimes longer.
  4. I got it free with Stalker COP, but coudn't install. Something to do with GFWL. Finally managed to get it working and completed Parker this evening. Not a bad game. I'll see how I feel about it in a week.
  5. How come Gamespot says there's 11,987 players playing RFG, but then people say that they cant find anyone on?
  6. MAB1994 said:
    How come Gamespot says there's 11,987 players playing RFG, but then people say that they cant find anyone on?

    Maybe none of those 11,987 people are playing the game any more because they think it's rubbish? :lol:
  7. I guess really why I am asking this is I'm looking for a really unique sp/mp (mostly mp) game experience (not like modern war shooters and more like sci fi) and RFG caught my eye with its imagination and uniqueness. Can anyone think of anyother games unique and imaginative?
  8. Does anyone play the first halo multiplayer on pc anymore? Its to bad the new halo titles only come out on xbox 360, they look pretty cool.
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