W.O.W and the 480

is the gtx 480 still being shitty with wow??

when it first came out ppl where talking about only getting 20-25 fps with it.
has blizzard or nvidia fixed the problem yet?
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  1. You're not planning to buy a 480 just to play WoW, are you?
  2. Tell you what, buy a Radeon 5770 and give me the cash you save if you're determined to waste your money
  3. I read about the GTX 480 and WoW. My understanding of it is if you have proper cooling (as the gtx 480 gets hot), a very good cpu and RAM, and a big enough PSU, WoW will run fine.

    It's not the card that's making WoW crappy looking, it's the system requirements as a whole that cause the biggest problems.

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