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i bought sims2 double deluxe from target & it keeps telling me i have entered the wrong product code when i know for a fact its the right one. i tried caps & not caps, nothing is working.
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  1. you may have mistaken an i for a l, or a 0 for an O, try again.
  2. thanks for your help but its a very simple code, no tricky letters or numbers. ive tried everything it just seems to not be working.
  3. Write an email to EA?
  4. Does it come with more than 1 install disc? I see this has The Sims 2, The Sims 2 Nightlife and The Sims 2 Celebration Stuff. Does it come with more than one key? Are you sure you're entering the correct key for the correct install? otherwise, I'd take it back to target and see if you can exchange it for another box because maybe the keys are incorrect.
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