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Hello folks!

As the title suggests, I'm stuck in between these three gaming mice, and I'm having a really hard time choosing... :cry:

I've researched for long, all of these are good gaming mouse, all has it's own special feature. Logitech G9x seems to be the one with more features - Weight system, Micro-scroll, interchangeable grip... ETC. Whereas the Sidewinder X8 is the only one with wireless. And the Ikari being the most ergonomic out of all three...

Why couldn't someone combine all of it in ONE?!?!?!?!?

Oh, and please, don't tell me Razer Mamba, or anything that's insanely expensive, because I've narrowed down to these three mice, and it's gotta be one out of the three...

SO!!! If you own any of these mice, please please please put down your feedbacks, your help would be greatly appreciated. Any CONS or PROS, I don't care, put it down, you would serve as a great help in assisting me choose a good gaming mouse! Start a flame war if you want, I don't care... Nah I'm just kidding :lol:

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -----AlexCheng
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  1. Well, just off hand but if your looking for a hardcore gaming mouse why wireless? any hiccups there will make the bells and whistles of the mouse fairly pointless.
  2. Hi!!!!

    Wireless would be useful for me when doing web surfing and stuffs. When I surf the web I switch positions... And so the mouse "roams" around all over my desk, I know it sounds weird, but it's just a habit of mine :na:

    Thanks for the reply!
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