The elite four on leaf grean

plese help me i can easly beat the elite four but then their is my ryvel. last time i got there i only had my articonoand when dose dragoneite lurn outrage. sunsearly trey
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  1. ok, for one thing, people might have a little bit of an easier time if you could spell... easily, there, rival, articuno SPACE and, dragonite, sincerely. and Dragonite learns Outrage at level 64
  2. Just buy a bunch of recovery items. And before you finish off the final elite four's pokemon, use the items on your pokemon so you are as close to full as possible.
  3. Try leveling your team within 5 levels of the Elite 4's pokemon and you should be fine with some recovery items. Having an electric type will be good against Gyarados/Blastoise/Pidgeot, and a dark type (if you can get one) will be good against Alakazam/Exeggutor. Rhydon is super weak to water and grass. For the most part, you should be able to one-hit Gyarados and Rhydon, and Pidgeot won't be much of a threat. Alakazam and maybe Arcanine could be a challenge, but it'll be fine if you use something like Light Screen or have a pokemon with high s. defense.
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