Unusual number of crashes in fallout 3

So about 2 weeks ago i got fallout 3 game of the year edition on steam, and it's been givening me all sort of problems if it wasn't for the fact that absolutely love fallout 3 and it was only 25 bucks i probably would just stop playing

but i've been getting runtime errors, random game lock-ups and seems usually sensitive to gpu overclocking

pretty much has anyone been having similar problem with the steam version of this game
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  1. cpu is fine, it's been like that for over a year, rock solid i run folding at home now whenever i'm not playing and that keeps the cpu right at 100% all the time and never had that stutter at all.

    i've been using the default clocks on the gpu after i found out how sensitive it was to overclocking, but outside of that, i'm still getting tons of crashes, happen alot when i enter a room, sometimes there will be texture problems
  2. It isn't that, I'm running an i3 and it's stock and it crashes. I have an i3 on an H55 board and an ATI Radion 4800 HD. (which it detects as an NVIDIA card) It also isn't a Window 7, Vista, or XP specific issue. I reloaded XP on my system, tried it on Windows 7, even ran UBUNTU and tried running it under Wine. IT DOES APPEAR to be only the STEAM version. I also see some legitimacy that AV software might play a part in crashing it. I'm working on that next.
  3. AV's real-time protection basically cause stutters and sluggishness.

    Might I ask if you added the latest patch after you installed the game?
  4. Link
    Worked for me, I don't have the steam version though.
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