Asus A7V880 vs. A7N8X

Both boards cost the same where I'm located; which one would you buy?

It seams to me that the A7V880 has more features like ATA/Raid & CrashFree bios. For overclocking, which is the better choice & why? Yah, I know that most of you would recomment Abit NF7-s v2, but that is not much of an option given that I cannot get that board for a reasonable price, etc. So I will have to settle for an Asus mobo.

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  1. Of those two, I would buy the A7N8X, especially for overclocking. The nforce2 chipset is simply superb. Plus if you can get the A7N8X-Deluxe board you'll get soundstorm integrated audio, which is better than most high-end soundcards.

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