Fallout 3 crash windows 7 macbook pro

Hi I have the new mac book pro 2.66 i7 and have instaled windows 7 64bit.
then installed fallout 3 but when i play 10 m it always freezes does anybody have a solution?

Thanks so much

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  1. I have exactly the same problem. All windows updates, fallout 3 is patched to 1.7.
  2. Same here. W7 64 is updated, Fallout 3 patched to 1.7, bootcamp updated. First time I ran it I was using FOSM, FOMM, a bunch of mods, everything seemed fine until I had to grab something out of the toy chest, then it froze. So, I used the task manager to get out of the "not-responding" Fallout 3 and tried disabling everything. Now it will run fine for, oh say, long enough to walk to daddy. Then video freezes. Sound continues just fine, but no mouse, no movement, no VATS head shots. :(

    Tried compatability modes. No chg. Run as admin already. No other bright ideas.


    MBPro-i7 brand new
  3. Update:


    Check this link. It's a quad core issue with Fallout 3. I guess they took a long time to build the game or smthg. Easy fix in the .ini file, and yes, it works beautifully. Running FOSM, FOMM, and a bunch of mods just fine (I think).

    Thx MonkeySeeker (from Steam)

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