My registration wont work

i just tried registering my Sims 3 and i get everything filled out and . i do the verify you r a human thing wont work .
What am i doing wrong ............... :fou:
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  1. thanks but i tryed that .. i am not an idiot .. but thanks for the vote of confedence.. Was hoping that maybe someone had the same issue ..

    And maybe had a trick ..but thanks again .. for your irriating an rude comment .. if this was not your intention .then i am sorry but that is the way it came across . i am not a child trying to figure this out .thanks .
  2. your sentence structure and the way your response was written is very childish indeed. honestly i don't know what you expect from us, you ask us what you are doing wrong; well your information detailing the problem is very unrevealing. You have neither posted the official message that you have for the problem, a screenshot of it or any specifics about how you contacted support (what you said, their responses, what you did, etc). We cannot help without fully understanding the problem.
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