Trouble transfrering data from old ps3 to new ps3 slim

I have been trying to transfer data from my old ps3 (the original one) to my new ps3 slim 250 GB. The problem is that when i try to transfer the old one has the green light and is trying but on the new one the green light will not come on. And after trying for a bit it says no ethernet connection detected on the new one. Ive traded in for a new one and have tried numerous cables, please someone help me with this.
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  1. Iv'e never transferred data between PS3s but if you are you using ethernet cable I believe you want crossover cable, have you tired transferring data via USB device?
  2. no but i did get a flsh drive im just worried about what will transfer this way and where do you get a cross over cable?
  3. Do some research if it works for the PS3 but when I LAN two Computers and transfer data I use a crossover cable, its and standard Ethernet cable just the wires are wired differently should be able to get them any where form computer hardware store.
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