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Logitech vs Razor?
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  1. Razer all the way. I've owned two copperheads, a diamond back, and two death adders and I've been EXTREMELY satisfied. In fact I think the copperhead was my favorite, and that was my first gaming mouse that I bought.

    However, my VERY first gaming mouse was given to me by my brother. The original Microsoft Intellimouse, titanium coat finish, 400 dpi. That lasted me through my serious Quake 3 days.

    Ahhh memories!
  2. I'm fond of the Microsoft Sidewinder X8... the ability to quickly change dpi is awesome (especially sniping long distance in BC2)
  3. Logitech has better quality build than Razer, I've seen a lot of cases of Razer mice breaking from being dropped etc. Logitech mice have more features such as weights, hyper-scroll and other customisable extras.
    The Razer Deathadder is known to be a best seller in gaming mice, and great in looks but quality isn't great as seen from many people on the internet experiencing software bugs or broken parts from it falling.
    So in my opinion I'd pick a Logitech over Razer any day.
  4. razer all the way man i have owned a deathadder and currently own a mamba and my deathadder lasted 2 1/2 years before i upgraded to mamba and hell if i tink around with my deathadder i could probably get it working as good as brand new

    all the people who say logitech quality is better than razer are probably people who slam there mouse on the table and say bad quality mouse cause it cant withstand full blown throws to the ground/desk !!NERD-RAGE!!

    the best gaming mouse is Razer Mamba
    if you have the money it wont fail you AT ALL!!!

    if not get the deathadder it is superb and is basically a mamba with less dpi and doesn't do wireless

    i will not smack talk logitech because both company's have there good and bad mice but overall i think razer is better
  5. I prefer Razer, but I will never say it's better than Logitech.


    - Deathadder is fantastic, it's imo the most comfortable gaming mouse on the market and performance is great too.
    - Lachesis is nice, but the design doesn't suit me.
    - Mamba is a bit pointless. With a cord, it's a Deathadder. Without one, it's just a wireless mouse with all the associated disadvantages.
    - Rest is okay at best


    - G500 is the G5's succesor. A brilliant succesor to a brilliant mouse, on par with its Razer competitors.
    - MX518 is still a great budget gaming mouse
    - G9x has a curious design, you should really try it out before buying. Great performance, certainly on par with Razer.

    Also, take a look at Roccat. It has some very nice products too and costs about the same as competing Razer and Logitech mice.
  6. Oh my do I love my Mx518. It is a great mouse for the money. you can set up to 5 DPI levels to switch between on the fly and is down right amazing. You can have it at 800 DPI when playing a regular game and then quickly switch it to 400 DPI when you want to be a little more precise.
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