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I am either going to buy an Asus K8NE Deluxe or LAN Party UT nF3. What do I need to look for in the type of RAM I will buy? I intend to get DDR 3200. I haven't built a system since the days of EDO RAM and now there seems to be so many choices. I keep seeing mention of CAS latency and have no idea if that is relevant. DFI doesn't list a memory compatability table on their site, so I am afraid of buying RAM that won't work. Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. Lower latency means lower response time, so Cas2 is quicker than Cas2.5, which is quicker than Cas3. Nearly any PC3200 (which is DDR400) will work, faster rated RAM (such as PC4000) is handy for overclocking (runs PC3200 speed at default settings).

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  2. I have that Asus board, and use el cheepo samsung ram. It gives me cas 2.5, even overclocked to 222.
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