Win 7 and itunes

I recently bought a compaq presario CQ40-712B laptop for my stepdaughter with

Windows 7 starter 32bit.
Pentium T4300
320Gb HD

She can not seem to load itune or real player. It comes up with an error saying that it`s not compatable. But the win 7 she is running is 32bit and she downloads the 32bit version.
Anyone had a similar problem....

ps she can download the program but it will not open to install.....
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  1. Have a look at this:

    It could be that itunes 10 is not compatible with W7 starter at this point. Instead, try downloading itunes 9 and see if that works.
  2. Reading further, it appears you need to enable the Admin account. Just trying to "Run As Admin" apparently doesn't work under Windows 7 Starter.
  3. Ok nice one ...............I will give it ago and tell you what happens.........................

  4. upgrade from windows 7 starter.
    if not now then later.
    anyways, I had to upgrade all software in relation to itunes.
    everything apple basically, quicktime and all.
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