Hello,i need some help my pc has jst recently started dropping fps in games.. it will start on 150 for bout 5 secs then drop to 9 for like 6 - 7 secs why would it bee doing this ?
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  1. specs and games please. And temps whilst this is going on, riva and/or speedfan will help.
  2. ive got an intel core 2 quad cpu q6700 @ 2.66ghz nvidia gforce gtx 260 4gb ocz ram 32 bit windows 7 750 watt ps and an xfx motherboard not sure about specs of motherboard any help?
  3. hi dude,
    shutdown and unplug the power cord, open the vedio cable and open the cabinate. open the nvidia card from slot(unplug the 4 pin power plug from card). if u have vacume clener just trun to blower mode and blow it to card both side. and then blow ur card slot too then fix the card .

    i hope it will solve

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