World in conflict low fps ???

well my spec are:
geforce 9800 GT
1gb ram
Windows 7
3.01 GHz cpu

on the benchmark on high average 2fps
medium average 6 fps
low average 11 fps
and on very low which i don't wanna run on is averaging 22 fps

i just want to know if this is happening because of windows 7 and low ram or something else. help will be appreciated
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  1. Try updating the graphic drivers (only after completely removing the older ones).
  2. tbh, WiC is a graphics intensive game but maybe you should update your drivers
  3. A 9800GT should perform better than that. I'm guessing it's a CPU bottleneck. What's the exact make and model of your CPU? Be specific please. If you're not sure, download and run CPU-Z.
  4. I would suggest another GB of RAM!
  5. sorry for a very slow response. to answer your questions yes the drivers are correctly installed and up to date and the model of the CPU is intel pentium D 925
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