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I'm currently looking for a new game that is sort of adventure-like, however I don't like shooter games on the PS3 since I can't aim properly on it :( The last game I played was Assassin's Creed 2 and it was such a great game and now I'm looking for a new one with the similar free-roam sand-box style. Any game with auto aim would be good; e.g GTA IV, since I'm really really noob at joystick aiming on PS3.

So please advise me any game for the PS3 I should get that doesn't require aiming.
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  1. Fallout 3 its a open world RPG where very choice effects you next move, It does not have out aim but has 2 ways of shooting Standard way (aiming yourself) and VAtS System which I love! heres link watch the video you understand what i mean
  2. Sorry, I've already played Fallout 3 on PC, and yes I agree it's a great game. Anything else I should look to get?
  3. Don't no any other games that use Auto Aim apart form Tomb Raider not sure which won it was but was demo downloaded form the PSN store.
  4. Saints Row might have Auto Aim its Like GTA
  5. Red Dead Redemption?
  6. Hmm I've been looking at Red Dead Redemption actually, is it any good?
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    Bostick said:
    Hmm I've been looking at Red Dead Redemption actually, is it any good?

    RDR is pretty awesome, definitely a must own if you're into Westerns. Though the auto aim is a bit wonky, you get used to it after a while. You can also slow down time which helps you out quite a bit.

    Batman Arkham Asylum is another good one. Either of these will preoccupy you for a while. Or you cantake the budget route and get Infamous for $20 on Amazon, although there isn't an auto aim feature on that one...
  8. Thanks for your advice guys, I think I'll get Red Dead Redemption, or Batman Arkham Asylum.
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