Omnibook 6000 - What exact PIII-CPU is installed?

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Hello and a Happy New Year to everyone,

I was wondering what exact CPU is installed in my new Omnibook 6000. I
don't have it yet but I know part of the specs which is as follows:
Omnibook 6000
mobilePentium III 800 MHz with SpeedStep
128megs of RAM (PC100)
intel 430BX/ZX chipset
20gigs hard disk drive (IBM DJSA?) 4.200 Rpm
14,1 inch TFT display
ATI Rage Mobility AGP chipset with 8megs of VRAM

Under, I have found three different
CPUs matching the description, one of which heats the surroundings with up
to 28 watts (!).

Now I want to know:
-Can anyone confirm which of the CPUs is in this OB? It appears to me that
28watts of heat dissipation isn't exactly what makes sense in a laptop,
even though SpeedStep should decrease power requirements.
-If the 28watts version is indeed installed, what recommendations for CPU
upgrades do you have? Should I go for a low voltage mobile PIII-M CPU with
up to 1GHz and 133MHz FSB?
-Will such a CPU work or will I run into all kinds of problems, such as
voltage requirements (the ULV versions run with as low as 1volt) and BIOS
quirks (microcode)?

I'd really appreciate any suggestion or opinion on that topic. TIA

with kind regards
Christian Dürrhauer, Institute of Geography, FU Berlin

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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)

    | 128megs of RAM (PC100)
    Whatever cpu, with just 128mb ram @100mhz, how fast can your os be ?

    | intel 430BX/ZX chipset
    Like Mercury / 440LX, your IDE controller is slow & inferior to VIA /
    ALi / nVidia 's, whatever cpu / ram you have, you'll still need to wait for
    hdd's response.
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