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Hey guys, i recently updated my Sony Vaio notebook with the latest NVIDIA drivers for my graphic card and after that i to My computer properties where it asked me to refresh my index due to hardware changes. After going through the process, it gives me the following error, "Windows Experience Index for your system could not be computed. Could not measure video playback performance."

Before that i installed new RAM and did the same thing and it worked, this is the first time i have encountered this. Any help would be appreciated.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Intel Core i7 @ 1.66GHz with turbo boost upto 2.8 GHz
Nvidia GForce 310M 512mb
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  1. Try refreshing the index again, and if it still won't work, reinstall the video driver.
  2. But it shows in the device manager that my driver is updated to the version i updated it to.

    And as for re-installing, do i first remove it, reboot and then fresh install or is there any other way?
  3. If your video playback is fine in games, movies, etc... don't worry about this error even if it never works. If you want to find out how much faster your drivers make your laptop, run a real benchmark like 3DMark.
  4. Thanks, as a matter of fact i was just in the middle writing about asking that. Yeam my video playback and audio is working great so i guess i can ignore it, but if i do wanted the index to refresh i would have to reinstall the driver? And what if it still doesn't work after re-installing? i just wanna know if its something to be concerned about whether it would hinder my graphics performance later on.
  5. If the experience index does not want to run to check your video card, so far from what you have seen, it just means that whatever software they use to benchmark the card has issues with your setup. Does not mean that anything else you use has the same issue, or ever will.

    If your movie and game tests are working well, don't sweat the exp. index not running. I'm sure you can possibly run into some other thing that has issues with your setup, but deal with that when you run across it.
  6. Like hang-the-9 said, it could also be that the latest driver from nVidia is incompatible with the WEI at the moment. Chances are that the issue will be resolved with the next driver release (in theory).
  7. Appreciate all the help guys, thanks :)
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