Resident evil 5 issue

im trying to run resident 5 after the 2 opening cinematics i hear a a ding it crashes to the desktop. resdx9.exe fatal application exit then the error reads
inflate ??? :-5
any ideas i verified the game and also restarted my pc and i meet the requirements
ive updated my video drivers, re downloaded directx, verifythe files ect and im out of ideas, re installed windows live as well, made sure i can log in to my account by singing into it on xbox
havn't touch the games settings. plz help my friend gifted it to me so i could play coop with him and i feel terrible right now. anymore info you guys need let me know sorry if this is hard to understand im just trying to get it to work
amd athlon 64x2 5200+
3.25 gb ram
ati radeon hd 4860 1 gb
just to be clear this is the steam version
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  1. So this is a legal, Steam-bought version of the game? What operating system are you using?
  2. im using windows 32 bit yes its legal my friend gifted me when it was on sale on steam for like 12.50 the other day he wanted someone to play the multiplayer with him
  3. ill be honest im about to hit the sack and i believe it might be a corrupted file but i totally forgot the steam repair thing but feel free everyone to throw out ideas im open to try almost anything. im re downloading it right now thnx in advance everyone
  4. Which version? XP? Vista? 7?
  5. o windows xp pro 32 bit
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