Urgent help please from you experts!

My P3 1ghz computer does not get to post at all when it is turned on.The fans are spinning and the power led is on.Ive tried using both ps/2 and usb keyboards and removing each adapter card and device and reconnecting them one by one but the pc still does not get to post.The pc was working well before that.Please help and ill be grateful to all of you.I believe that you experts will help solve my problem. Urgent help needed!

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  1. not enough info m8. what is in bios, where do u get what do u use...

    MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum
    AMD A64 3500+ @ 10x240
    Corsair TwinX 2x512 mb PC4000 v3.3
    120 maxtor SATA
    Sapphire Radeon 9800pro 128mb
    Watercooled by Innovatek
  2. Specs:

    P3 1.0GHZ
    256MB SDRAM PC-133
    Nvidia Geforce 2 MX (32MB)
    40GB Maxtor HDD
    Floppy Disk Drive
    52\32\52 Sony CDRW
    Asus Cusl-l motherboard(Manuafactured for Hewlett-Packard)

    My pc is a hp 8870(i transfered parts to a new casing)

    It didnt work after about one week when i transfered the parts to the new casing (only worked for a week properly)

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  3. Did it post after moving to a new case? or never posted after moving?

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  4. It didint start to post about one week after putting the parts in the new case
  5. Check your capacitors (upright cilinders) for "dryed out foam"

    if they have leaked you're MB is toast.
  6. Your mobo may require a special HP psu. Try the old psu, and see if it works.
  7. Does an ATX-400 power supply unit mean that it is 400w.Can i use a psu with a higher power supply?Will it destroy the mobo?The power supply is working and the motherboard has 1 long beep when the memory cards is removed.This means that the mobo is working, right?The leds are on and the fans are also spinning.Does the mobo look for the fdd,cdrw and hdd before post beeping?

    Thanks for helping me all the while.
  8. A mistake on my part had my newly upgraded pc act the same way. After much troubleshooting I found that I had an extra MoBo standoff in the case that didn't match up with a mounting hole on the board. Thus shorting out the board on the back - but not all the time. After fixing the problem the pc worked fine. Got lucky - the board was not damaged.

    For it is not what is seen, but what is not seen. :eek:
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