Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (aka Wining 11 in UK)

Was this ever released for the PC in the states? I have the demo and I would really like to get the full version, but I can't find it for purchase anywhere. All I can find is the UK version for around $30 at Amazon and even then, it's not from them and will it even RUN on my computer in the States?

I really liked the look of the demo and how it played (better than EA's garbage). Not sure if I want to wait for WE11 2011 or not and if it will even be available for the PC.

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  1. I don't see why the English version wouldn't work on your PC, you would just have things spelt correctly that's all. :p :lol:
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    Yeah, imported should be fine. Note the next years games are comming out soon, so you might just want to wait for them...

    Again, compition actually helps EA. PES has been good for a while [minus its obvious licensing issues year to year...], especially in the Franchise department, but the past two years, the in-game experiance goes to EA. PES seems to be getting a major overhaul this year, and FIFA seems to be getting significant changes as well...
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