WinXP installed on drive F: !!

I just installed XP on a ASUS P4P800-E motherboard, and I'm surprised to see the OS is installed on Drive F: (not C:).
My configuration :
A: Floppy Drive
B: nothing
C: USB card reader 1 (connected to MB's internal USB port)
D: USB card reader 2 (connected to MB's internal USB port)
E: CD-ROM (ATAPI port)
F: Hard-disk (Serial-ATA)

The 2 USB card readers are (physically) inside the floppy drive, so I connected them to the MB's internal USB ports.

1. Can OS on drive F: be a problem ??
I'm worried that the USB ports are listed before the HDD. So if I add later an USB device, my HDD might become actually drive G:
2. How to force the HDD to C: ??

Last time I build my PC, there was no S-ATA nor USB drives !! I'm lost. Thanks for advice.
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  1. Force it to C by only having CD, 1-HD, video card installed(plugged in) at installation.

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  2. Thanks. I guess I have to format my HDD, and re-install XP ?
  3. No. But u'd need to alter your boot loader file to point to the C: drive:

    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn

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  4. Hey Ned...what does "NoExecute=OptIn" do?

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