Plz help me out of this graphics card nightmare

I have an hp rig that i got on black Friday with 8 gigs of ram, a AMD Athlon II x4, 1 tb hd you get the idea....For weeks i have been debating on what card is best for my situation.My product code is p6214y....I've looked at many cards and power supplies just want some opinions...thx in advance
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  1. you'll need a minimum of 500w psu for a 4870 and a 450w for a 5750. Id recommend getting a new PSU firstly and going at least 50-100w over the specs required for whatever GPU you go for. If you want it for gaming I'd recommend at least an ati 48** or 57** (the 56** are ok nothing too special) or a GTX 270 and up or GTX 460 and up. But it all depends on your budget.

    That said a 8600 gt will probably do ya requires a 300w (although it's a 512mb card) but the GTS and the 8800 and need a 400w and up PSU

    But I'd still recommend a PSU upgrade regardless and go to a 550w or 600w and get a 57** or a gtx 4**
  2. My main problem is the mother board.2N78-LA is a strange set up ( the diagrams and see what i mean.....My main question is will a 5770 fit in my motherboard without being impeded by the small heatsink or the ram sticks----- want to play crisis at decent settings and APB...thx in advance for all the help....I'm leaning towards--(>>>>i have less than 24 hrs to catch this new egg deal plz respond midnight
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