Whats a serial code

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  1. huh? you okay? "hannah Montana"? nice name!
  2. A serial code is the thing you get when you buy a game as opposed to pirating it.
  3. look on the inside of your cover of the game, it should be a random series of keys and numbers! you insert this when asked, while installing the game, representing authenticity and originality! it should fit into the slots perfectly, insert parenthesis if necessary like dashes or hyphens....

    How do we know this isn't the real hannah montana! :)

    Hope it helpled!
  4. Considering how well written and informative the post was I'd say it's fairly likely we're talking to the real thing here..
  5. ha ha ha yeah well i'm hoping for best answer, or maybe a live performance at my next house party, but that didn't mean i'm a hannah montana fan, but miley cyrus! YEAH!!!
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