Does this sound like a GPU,CPU or RAM issue

I play sims 3 alot and it performs perfectly on my GTX 260 but for some reason it randomly just closes and goes to the desktop every few hours.
I have an i7 920 OC'd to 3.5GHz and 6GB corsair dominator @ 1450Mhz the GPU is at factory settings.
What could be causing the instant closure and just going to the desktop?
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  1. Getting any error messages?
    Tried updating to the latest drivers?
    Sims 3 running on the latest patch?
    Anything of interest in event viewer?
    Any programs of interest running in the background?
  2. I have to ask: Legal version of the game?
  3. legal version with No-CD patch although it did it yesterday without the patch running off CD
  4. Does the error occur with any other games/programs? (I'd hate to think you put an i7 rig together just to play The Sims...)
  5. I have several games like settlers 7, cities xl and it has worked fine for all those. I sometimes MSN freezes though and takes about 1 min to start working again.

    FYI I've got an i7 rig because I do lots of milti media work using complex software.
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