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Hello everyone...I've been having problems with my brand new pc.....i built it myself and its only about a month or two old, but I'm already running into problems and i have no clue what they are. At first when they started happening i figured it was just windows messing with my computer because my windows was not activated yet (i was told your computer acts funky if windows thinks your version is not authentic)....anyways just activated my windows yesterday and the problems continue.

The problems include:

-random freezing/bsod
-internet acting weird.....i have a very high speed connection (30 down 2 up) and it was taking forever to load the pages when i first loaded my computer up this morning, and when i tried to do a speed test at speedtest.net it gave me some sort of latency error.
-when im playing my game i get random small freezes and my keyboard backlight starts blinking and my keyboard goes crazy

This morning i woke up and turned my computer on....started up my game....and went to brush my teeth.....when i got back i was looking at a lovely blue screen.....the only info i could get out of is was this:

the top said

then it said
STOP : 0x00000009c (0x00000000000, 0xFFFFFF88002FDDC70, 0x0000000000, 0x0000000000)

the amount of 0's might not be correct, its hard to count them all while writing it down =P

This is what windows told me when i started my comp back up after blue screen:
Although we know the problem is caused by a hardware component, the error report does not contain enough information to tell us the specific component. It is likely that the problem is being caused by one of the following computer components:

Random access memory (RAM)
System board
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Power supply

Anyways, my computer was seeming to work just fine in the first few weeks after i built it, and these problems only started occuring after i did 1 of these 2 things.......i installed triple SLI and tried to overclock but failed.....ever since then I've been having these problems....may be coincidence but i really dont know. If i knew a way to reset bios back to defaults i would....but i was under the impression it did that anyways when you failed to overclock, i really don't know what the problem is and i spent over 1500$ to build this computer that's giving me errors every day :(

please help someone :(
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  1. First, reset the BIOS. You can go into the BIOS, and load the defaults, or pull the CMOS battery for ~5 minutes.

    It'd be a good idea to run memtest overnight too.
  2. Sorry but i have no clue what memtest is =P....and whats CMOS battery? o.O
  3. The CMOS battery is a little silver watch-like battery on your motherboard. Removing it for a while will reset the BIOS (and any overclocked settings).

    You can also tap the delete key repeatedly on startup, to access the BIOS. Look at the bottom of the screen, and there should be a keystroke option to load the defaults. Press that button and it'll reset the BIOS as well.

    Memtest is a software that scans the RAM for any errors.
  4. Okay thanks....ill try that and see what happens...I'll have to wait till tomorrow though, i only get these problems in the morning when i start my computer up, or after a while of the computer being turned off....seems to me whatever hardware error is occurring is happening before the computer warms up (while all the components are still cool)

    cuz after my computer warms up, it works fine.....ususally i can avoid these problems ive been having by rebooting my computer once or twice right away after i turn it on in the morning, but i'd rather fix it completely rather than ignoring the problem like i have been doing heh
  5. Well i reset my bios last night before i went to bed, and i started up this morning, everything seemed normal....no freezes, no blue screens, no internet acting funky....so i go to do other things and all of the sudden my keyboard starts freaking out like it usually does.....im 99.9% positive it has nothing to do with the keyboard, it was very expensive and it's next to new. Whats happening is the backlight on the keyboard will start blinking, when the light goes out, the keyboard stops working completely, when the light comes back on, any key you happened to be pressing at that time gets spammed like 100 times. I can't help but think since i built this machine myself maybe there might be some hardware compatibility issues or something? Although i don't see how that could be the case.....and i am extremely angry right now because i only intended to spent around 800$ on this computer, but ended up spending close to 1500$ and the stupid thing cant even work right...

    anyways heres my specs if that helps

    Corsair HX1000 PSU
    ASUS P6T X58 mobo with core i7 930
    western digital 500GB 7200RPM hd
    sony cd/dvd....forgot the exact specs on this but i doubt that matters
    3x 2GB sticks (6GB) of triple channel ddr3 memory 1600mhz
    gtx 260 maxcore x3 GPU (3-way SLI)

    I think this problem may have started around the time i installed my SLI, but i really have no clue whats causing these problems. Simply restarting the computer 1-2 maybe 3 times when i wake up in the morning seems to take care of the problem for the day, till the next morning at least. If i leave my computer on overnight, no problems....so this problem only seems to make itself evident when the pc is cool I'm guessing....if that helps
  6. Go to control panel-->system-->device manager-->expand the universal serial bus controllers-->right click on each usb root hub-->properties-->power management-->disable the option to allow the computer to turn off the device to save power.

    Try removing 2 of the video cards. That PSU should be enough for the 3 way SLI, but removing a couple cards can test to be sure.
  7. The whole reason i bought the new PSU was to run my SLI....i had a thermaltake 800w that was working just fine, so i really hope the only option isnt taking out 2 of my cards...is it possible that theres too much gpu and not enough cpu? Just a shot in the dark but do you think overclocking the cpu would help or just make it worse?
  8. You don't have to permanently remove the 2 video cards. I just wanted to see if the PSU is being maxed out. If it is, then it just requires a PSU upgrade.

    If the CPU is bottlenecking the system, it just won't perform up to the full graphics potential. It won't cause it to shut down. In fact, if you overclock, it will draw a little more power, which will make it worse if it is indeed a power issue. You've got a good CPU, I doubt it's being bottlenecked.
  9. all of my specs are posted already...i even posted here to make sure what power supply i would need to run all 3 cards, and was told that i should be safe to even OC to 4.0 with this psu
  10. Ok here's an update.....this was a bit of a small problem, and i coulnd't find anyone who could help me with it, so i kinda ignored it.....last night i put my computer in sleep mode instead of turning it off. When i woke up i had the same problems with the blinking keyboard lights and all that so i rebooted and it wouldnt turn back on anymore. Every time i hit the power button the lights and fans would come on for a few secs then immediately turn of.....the only thing i could think of was maybe a power issue, but i will be extremely annoyed and angry if its a power supply issue.....i even posted here to make sure the PSU i was getting was sufficient, and more than 2-3 people told me it should be way more than enough power.

    Anyways the only "fix" i could find for this was i took 2 of my gpu's out and tried again.....i got the same problem, but then waited a few secs and tried again and it finally turned on.....now leading me to beleive its a power issue....but why? I have a corsair HX1000 PSU, a very well known and quite expensive unit.
  11. Remove the side of your case, and blow a box fan at it. It could be a heat issue. If it is, blowing a box fan at it will cool it down, and it should power on fine.

    You do have a good PSU. Those who recommended it were giving good advice. However, there are still occasional bad apples.
  12. Removing the 2 of the video cards made it start back up, but it may have just been a coincidence that i had left it off for so long and it had cooled down, or the fact that gpu's get rather hot
  13. Okay well running only 1 card has seemed to fix the problem.....now next step, how do i get my computer up to spec to run all 3 cards? Theres no way on earth this PSU isnt powerful enough for these 3 cards so i have no clue what the problem could be.
  14. Try adding them back in, but keep the side of the case off, and blow a box fan at the tower.

    It's most likely heat or a power problem. Blowing a box fan at it will help rule out or confirm the heat issue.
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