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Hi everyone I've had this problem for a few years now and I really don't understand how it happened, or what I can do to fix it, but anyway here it is.

I can install and uninstall games easily, as well as play them but some things which involve saving, exporting importing etc. is a problem.

An example is Warcraft3 World Editor (dunno if anyone has heard of it or not). Now I've been creating a map recently and thought it would be a little effective if I added custom icons/models etc. but this is a problem, although I can download the ZIP files and things, I cannot Import them into the map, everytime I do the whole screen lights up, a little bar does some green loading and it says that the programme has stopped working.

It then notify's that something has caused an error, and it will be closed (saving no work) and will send me a solution for the problem (which time after time, never, works). This may seem specific to this game however it is a problem else where. I cannot even save simple Word, Powerpoint, Excel documents and it is the exact same problem.

I asked a friend what he thought it was and he thinks it is a sort of Trojan Virus, however I am protected with a Firewall, and no passwords have been compromised ever since this started happening. While it is a thing that can be ignored, the little things can really bug me.

If anyone could help, it'd be much appreciated, thank you.
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  1. How much free space do you have on c:\, and what are the specs of your PC?

    Trojans are designed to slip by firewalls and security measures, hence the name, and the history behind how it got the name... Grab "malwarebytes", and a decent AV (avast or AVG both are free).

    So its been a few years? do you keep up on the maintenance of the PC? If not download "CCLeaner" clean up your temp files and registry, and defrag your HDD.

    What specific error do you get from MS programs when you try to save?
  2. I have got a lot of free space, probably enough to install several more PC games without changing anything, the error is trying to save anything and receieving

    Microsoft Office Word has stopped working...
    I've sent information but it says a problem has been encountered which stops Microsoft Word from working, well that's not helpful because it's not even saying what the problem is.

    This applies with anything, I even tryed to save the number 7 yet it's still the same error if I tryed to save pages of work.
  3. Sounds like you might have a virus or a corrupted install. If you have Windows Recovery running, rollback to the last known good installation.

    Or, do a virus scan to see if you have malware or some other infection.

    Last resort is the dreaded reformat and install which would ensure everything is clean.
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