Can't install The Sims Deluxe Edition on my PC

Whenever I try to install this on my PC, it says in a pop up box: "Access is denied- The Sims" and then: "Error getting language from registry- aborting installation". How do I get it to work?!?!
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  1. Try calling tech support. Since you cannot install the game you will not be able to register it so tech support will probably ask you for the product key, unless he / she states you need to register the game first.

    Your Windows Registry may be slightly corrupted so you may need to do a fresh install.

    In the unlikely case you were sold the wrong language / region version of the The Sims 2 (I assume), then you need to contact the seller and get an exchange or refund.
  2. did u downloaded it from tpb? Could've been my old upload of it and im from Sweden, Europe ;)
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