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i am having alot of stuttering in wow and i believe i shouldnt have any. i know other ppl have the same problem but i noticed some of my hardware is a boost comapared to the others and so i shouldnt be having gfx/cpu problems and i have more than enough ram. the slowest piece of hardware on my computer is a WD 7200 rpm HDD but i doubt thats the problem. some system specs:
c2d e5400(oc) 3.83ghz water cooled
ga-ep45t usb3p mobo
6gbs ddr3(1333)ram
ati hd5850(asus EAH5850) oc to 890mhz while playing 3d games
650w corsair PSU

i also reduce programs running in the background and run a cleaner before gaming to free up ram. of the 6gbs of ram, 74% of it is free while gaming and my c2d is around 40-60% load while player wow. any advice to stop stuttering? i know its achievable cuz i had a friend with a less modern system playing wow with absolutely no stuttering lag or fps drop.
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  1. WoW is an online game and thus performance is also dependant on your internet connection, location, current state of Blizzard's servers, etc.
  2. Have you tried to disable addons? Looking at your specs you shouldn't have stuttering. Though it's probably not a hardware issue. Check your addons and update your drivers.
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