Steam & BC2 CTD

I've recently been having BC2 CTD in game on me. Just started happening over the weekend. I bought the game through steam and don't have a hard disk. Typically, the screen will pause for about 2-3 secs then the game just ctd and I don't get any warnings or errors. Just as if I never launched the game. Everytime I launch the game, it works fine for the 1st 30 mins or so, but after that the game will crash randomly, sometimes within 5 mins of relaunching the game, sometimes as long as 20 mins. Some things that I've done recently: Bought and installed about 5 games through steam over the weekend. Changed my ati drivers back to 10.5 (10.6 gave me horrible frames). That's all that I can think of. I've tried validating the files, and it checks out ok through steam.


i5 750 @ 3.5ghz
4gb gskill ripjaws 1600
antec 600w psu
2x5770s xfired at 950mhz (i even went to stock clocks and the game still crashed.)
antec 300 case
asus p7p55d pro mobo

Temps are fine in game (last night while playing it never got past 58c for both gpus)
didn't check my cpu temp but it normally is at 33c idle and 46c under load.

I haven't had any problems launching other games and playing them that I've noticed so far, but lately I've just been playing BC2. Any thoughts, suggestions are welcome. TY
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  1. Thanks zip. I'm not convinced it's a temp issue, but the possible power issue might be something I need to look into. I didn't think OCing the cpu (I haven't changed any voltages) to it's present setting would require that much extra power. It def. is an older unit, at least 2 yrs old, so having bc2 crash could be an indication. The one thing I'd have to question about it being a power issue tho is I haven't had any problems with any other programs/games except for bc2 through steam. This makes me believe steam is the culprit. Maybe a fresh install might help, but I'm not looking forward to redownloading and installing my games.
  2. It's also possible that the OCing itself is causing BC2 to crash. Some applications/programs can be more susceptible to OCing than others. I would try putting things back to stock speed and see what happens there.

    BTW, I have BC2 and it works just fine. Albeit, it's not from Steam.

    You might also want to uninstall and reinstall it. Sometimes the install might have gotten corrupted. I've had that happen before.
  3. I'm pretty sure crossfire is just terrible with BC2. Try taking out one of your cards. If that works, you know its a problem with xfire

    Edit: Oh yeah, its crossfire alright, the guy right above me has the same problem and he runs crossfire.
  4. I'm thinking it's def. a prob with xfire and 10.6 drivers. I didn't have this problem with 10.5. The power issue might still be a culprit. I've scaled my cpu back down to stock, but I'm having other gfx issues now that's even more troubling than BC2 just crashing. I posted another thread in the gfx cards section of the forum. Think I labeled it Failing video card or something like that. I won't get into it here as it's a seperate topic (Although it seems to be BC2 related also). Looks like I'll have to do a complete reinstall...
  5. I reinstalled 10.5 (again for like the 5th time) and everything seems to be working fine now. Go figure. Don't know why, but I was able to install it and play BC2 for about an hour today with no crashes, and none of the other issues in my other thread. For some reason i wasn't able to install any drivers properly, but finally it was able to work.
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