Bfbc2 update reviews

What are the reviews of the latest patches for BFBC 2? Client R8 / Server R12
Did the patch fix everything and did it break other things?
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  1. Didn't know that it came out. When was it released? I was playing last night and didn't notice anything. Do you have a link to the change list?

    Found it


    Server - Some potential sources for lag/rubberbanding have been eliminated
    Server - The old reserved slots has been replaced by a kick-on-demand system like in BF2
    Server - Log file for server admins: all remote admin interface commands/events are logged
    Server - Log file for server admins: major server events + all chat messages are logged
    Server - Idle kick is controllable
    Server - Profanity filter can be disabled
    Server - Teamkill-kick system is controllable
    Server - Ticket counts and bleed rate are controllable per-level
    Server - Infantry only mode available per-level
    Server - Initial spawn delay and respawn delay are adjustable
    Server - Server description can be up to 400 characters, and use "|" for line breaks
    Server - Banlist can contain up to 10.000 entries
    Server - reduced latency in packet handling

    Admin Interface - fixed the player.onKill spam that occasionally happened
    Admin Interface - ensured that player.onJoin events always report the player name
    Admin Interface - events triggered when people spawn
    Admin Interface - much more info on kills
    Admin Interface - detailed stats are reported at end-of-round

    Gameplay - Various minor level bugfixes
    Gameplay - Helicopter handling has been tweaked
    Gameplay - Weapon tweaks have been implemented based on PC public feedback
    Gameplay - Tracer dart gun speed has been changed from 300 m/s to 200 m/s
    Gameplay - Fixed technical hang when a crate was armed outside of the combat area
    Gameplay - "Victory is near" message was shown for the wrong team on Valparaíso, this has been fixed
    Gameplay - Countermeasures can be fired when driving a helicopter
    Gameplay - The brightness of the pilot view in the Russian helicopter has been reduced
    Gameplay - Advanced Spotting scope works better
    Gameplay - Knifing people in the back works again (we backed out the change that we had done for Server R11)
    Gameplay - Hit box for moving targets expands based on the speed of the targets movement
    Gameplay - G36 now has crosshair when in Hardcore mode

    Server Browser - Servers are sorted into 3 categories: Normal, Modified, Hardcore depending on their settings
    Server Browser – Added support for retrieving update progress
    Server Browser - Now refreshes information
    Server Browser - Join queue system when attempting to join a full server
    Server Browser - All settings are automatically saved between sessions
    Server Browser - Pings are sent via an alternate mechanism, which should work for non-Administrator users as well

    Client - Fixed DX9 issue, which likely caused graphics glitches and perhaps crashes
    Client - Fixed some crashes
    Client - Toggle/hold crouch is user controllable
    Client - Toggle/hold zoom is user controllable
    Client - Vsync bugfixed for DX10/DX11
    Client - Rewritten how settings are written to disk; this should reduce/eliminate the spawn lag
    Client - Fixed bug where a player could join a server before the stats has been downloaded causing faulty stats in "EOR- unlock progression"-screen
    Client - New chat system allows chatting when dead (but not during end of round) and keeps a 100 lines log
    Client - Improved Play Now functionality
    Client - Removed K/D ratio and Skill Level filters in the leaderboards
    Client - Any points you get while being dead will be added to your score
    Client - Reduced negative mouse acceleration
    Client - Increased health on the Cobra to match other vehicles
    Client - More informative disconnection/kick reasons
    Client - Support for Map Packs so PC gets future VIP maps at the same time as consoles
  2. They fixed the knife and V-Sync :)

    About F?%king time :??:
  3. I generally approve of it.


    My browser now shows me the ping!
    G3 and other under-used weapons are now up-to-par.
    Knife is finally fixed
    V sync now works fine for me
    I think I may have gotten a 5 FPS increase, but don't quote me on that
    New chat box is pretty cool I guess

    Took a while to download
    Some of the servers I normally play on have given me considerably more lag
    When the chat box shows on my screen, there is a slight bluish box that goes directly down from the chat box about 4/5 down the screen. Not very noticeable, but it does get annoying staring at the line where the bluish box meets normal graphics :(

    Lasting Thought:

    Now I can finally use the G3 and play well!
  4. The helichoppers turn a lot better now as well, way more manouverable, hurrah!
    Have you seen the update due at the end of the year tho.... -
    BFBC2 Vietnam, if you ever played the original it was ace flying into battle with ride of the valkyries cranking out ;) And now we may get jets as well, even more hurrah!!
  5. Expansion pack huh... Think the jets are back in? my afterthoughts I see why BC2 has been broken for so long if they are already have a team working on the expansion. I really wish they would focus on one game and get it right rather than spreading themselves thin so quick.
  6. I think I'm alone on this one but I click on search for servers my FPS drops down to 0 then goes back up for a split second then goes back down to 0 for 10 seconds repeatedly. Apart from that and the blueish box that covers the left side of the screen I approve of all "tweaks". They could of done something about those RPG/CG vs infantry thing though.
  7. are trolling right?

    I haven't played the new patch yet but I am hearing that once again, new bugs have been created. I don't mind changes to weapons and such but it seems like they take one step forward and two back with every patch... :??: Sadly the Beta was the most solid version yet.
  8. Ha this typical with anything from EA, BF2 had a 1gb patch within a couple of months of release. 1GB??? How fekkin broke was that when they released it!
    I have been playin bfbc2 the last couple of nights and didnt notice any issues after the patch tho, although that may be because I was powered by beer ;)
    As for the jets with the vietnam patch that would be awesome although due to detructable environments and the power of the bombers there may not be much map left at the end of the round hehe.
  9. Has any of you ever played the BF2 Mod "Project Reality". I really enjoyed it and the weapons were awesome. I wish EA would have gotten those developers on BFBC2.
  10. I played one mod for BF2 and it was laggy as heck so I never tried any others. I think it was a WWII mod or something.

    I was playing the new patch a lot last night. It actually feels pretty solid. The chat box feels good now. You can chat just about all of the time (dead or alive) but it does have a strange issues where you can see a large transparent box where it should be.

    Hit detection feels a lot better now too. I didn't have any head shots that failed to register.

    The point system was put on steroids so you collect larger scores for certain tasks.

    Knifing....holy balls...knifing feels like it finally did in the beta. You can now knife people in the back and have it connect.

    The only negative thing that I noticed was some weird key binding issues... You have to go in and rebind all of your keys but for some reason they didn't catch the first time for me. I had to bind them twice for certain things like spotting and sprinting. I also noticed that crouching and jumping is a little froggy but nothing major.
  11. I have updated the game and now it won't find the servers. the game freezes up when i search
  12. did you run the bc2 updater or did you find a patch and install manually?
  13. I started up the game and it asked to install an update and I accepted it. Reinstalling the game won't fix it anyway, look:
  14. Yeah I uninstalled the game but that did not help, I wouldn't know if my game would have worked pre patch as I started playing after they released the patch.
    My problem is that I cannot find any EA servers though the game has crashed on me a few times, I can play non EA servers though for some reason.
    I run win xp by the way.
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