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I recently (finally I might add) added a second screen to my gaming machine. This is a regular second monitor, not an eyefinity setup. one 1680x1050 and one 1024x768 monitor running in extended desktop mode in windows 7 on an HD4870.

This seems to have bought about an unusual problem with my Source games, in particular HL2. If I alt-tab out of the game, whether it's paused or not, it crashes. It's listed in taskmgr as not responding and if i try to go back into it, whether through task manager, taskbar, or alt-tab; all I get is the sound. I always used to be able to alt-tab out and around windows before hopping back into the game, but alas, no more.

Anyone else come across this problem? Do the source games just not support it any more and my timing was a complete coincidence or is it down to the second monitor?
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  1. So be it. Cheers for looking.
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