Worms Armageddon mouse problems

I found Worms Armageddon in my drawer today, and thought I'd give installing it a try.

It works fine on the first computer (with XP) but on my computer (also with XP) it works fine up until I move the mouse during a battle. THe game just closes out and returns to the desktop.

I've got a regular ps2 mouse, and it works fine in the game up until a battle begins

What the hell can I do to play this? (besides install win98 or not use the mouse)

It's all good ^_^
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  1. check for patches or updates

    -=[ AHH forget it. ]=-
  2. I know this isn't a free solution but if you really like Worms get Worms World Party, it must be like $10 now and it works perfectly for me. Or hell, use Kazaa.

    --Why do blondes have bruises on their belly buttons? Because blonde GUYS can be dumb too! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!--
  3. (kazaa kicks ass btw)

    Right after I posted this, I slapped myself in the face. I kept thiking all the "Team 17" stuff I found was some individual team. THen I realized that they were the designers, aarrrggg. I found a patch and d/l it in 20 minutes (dialup) and I was good to go.


    It's all good ^_^
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