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Im what you may refer to as a noobie but have been lanning for awhile and feel il be a worthy fresh piece of meat,No ego not saying im the best but from playing others through lan i have improved my skills look out for GRASSHOPPER next time you play,lol,joking but il be there soon im good but need more training so go easy on me when i eventually go

Who rates COD4 is the best first person shooter?
or what do you think is the best first person shooter other than COD4?
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  1. I wouldn't say it's the best... it got boring when I maxed out my rank. I think Battlefield Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2 is better imo, well for online anyway. But COD4 single player was awesome!
  2. I have to agree lot of hype for battlefield bad company 2 and MW2 but you will show mercy?lol,single player is awsome,believe it or not but i prefer stratergy
  3. COD 4 is the best but its old and I feel like moving on. I feel like The cod series is really an xbox kind of game rather than pc.
  4. Im starting lately to agree,what do you feel should take it's place?
  5. BFBC2 got boring in a few months, I'm getting into crysis just now and also the MOH 2010 beta is fun too :bounce:
  6. Well i rate them both will be great,Its a pity people don't invest more time into stratergy,like make a game where its got the first person shooter affect imagine those games in stratergy form
  7. StarCraft?
  8. Yeah but not futristic like modern warfare
  9. You should try the MOH beta...pretty good IMO
  10. Whats MOH Beta Like as a game?
  11. Not too bad actually. Guns need a little more recoil, but I actually enjoyed it alot...BTW COD4 is the best COD game and
  12. You know what bugs me is im good on COD4 but just not as good as most don't know why,lol
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