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Just built a new PC with Asus AV8 Deluxe (VIA K8T800pro chipset), Raptor 74GB HDD, 2 x 512MB Corsair PC3200 value RAM, AMD 3000+ 939-pin processor and Radeon 9800pro video card. Everything went fine with the build, except that this motherboard doesn't want to play nice with my Radeon 9800pro. The AGP texture acceleration in dxdiag display screen shows as not available. If I install any other card (tried Radeon 9700pro, FX5200, Radeon 7200, Geforce MX) it is enabled.

Also, with the radeon 9700pro and 9800pro, 3dmark2001 always crashes halfway through the test...I think VPU recover kicks in, but it freezes up altogether and/or reboots my system. The benchmark runs with the other 4 cards I've tried.

I've searched many many forums to figure out what the problem could be, to no avail. I have the latest hyperion 4in1 chipset drivers installed, RAM set at 2.5 cas, and nothing is overclocked. CPU temps are cool in the 30s (deg C).

Does anyone have this motherboard and video card combination? Can you provide your bios settings so maybe I can try other settings? I currently have the lastest Catalyst drivers installed (v 4.10).
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  1. Have you tried older drivers? uninstall those 4.10 drivers and that crapy catalyst control center if you installed that as well. Then try the 4.8 drivers or earlier, they were pretty good. Sofar everything beyond 4.8 has killed my 3dmarks so I'm probably not going to be updating for a while. I don't know about other ppl but when I tried the catalyst control center it caused constant bsod and broke windows :)

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