Abit AV8 K8T800 Pro chipset MB: Stereo Sound

Hi all

I have a system based on the above Mother Board.
My query is about stereo sound from this MB.
The sound volume from the system is VERY low I have been through all the settings and the config from what I can see is perfect, the drivers
are upto date. The volume via the Windows sound mixer is on maximum.
But still overall volume is low, it is so low so I can't decide on quality yet. I have everything plugged in the correct ports and have check the amp and speakers connections, all is fine. I use a very powerful
studio amp and speakers and they have always produced high quality sound from a PC. I suspect there is something deep in the software that needs correcting as I have run though at "surface" level what I think might be the problem but I can't find what it is.
The main windows sound volume is on MAX. Is there a surround sound function that has been left on? I am only interested in Stereo Sound. I would also liek to add I am
using analogue amp & speakers.

Please can you advise.
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  1. This happened to me before with another board, but it was a driver problem, maybe you have the latest drivers for the wrong board!

    try reinstalling the latest drivers from the website, be carefull to choose the correct variant.


    should be the right one if you were precise in your topic line.
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