GPO saver screen problem with win 7 (activates after every minute of idle time)

I have configured the domain controller default GPO for screen saver password protect after 5 minutes idle time:
In User configuration -> Administrative Templates -> control panes -> display:
Screen Saver: Enable
Screen Saver executable name: Enable / rundll32 user32.dll,LockWorkStation
Password protect screen saver: enable
Screen saver timeout: enable / 300 seconds

The problem is that it works well for the windows xp user stations but not for win 7 user stations.

It works after 1 minue idle time instead 5, even if I change the screen saver timeout for example 900 seconds. The win 7 stations keep poping the screensaver after every minute of idle time.

So, how can I fix it for the screen saver to work after 5 minutes of idle time instead 1 minute?

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  1. 1 minute is the default setting, right click the desktop,, Personalize, ScreenSaver at the bottom right, set the time there
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