Best Way to Hook Xbox 360 to a Monitor?

I just bought a new 360 arcade, and I want to hook it up to my monitor to play in HD. I bought an Intec VGA cable, but it had horrible ghosting issues. Would I be best off returning that cable and buying an official Microsoft VGA cable, or should I try the Microsoft HDMI cable, and use an adapter to hook it up via DVI? I don't think there's too much interference in my room, because I tested my computer with VGA and the picture was perfect. What suggestions do you guys have?
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  1. I just brought a HDMI Cable and connected it to my moniter, works fine, no issues, however, if ur moniter doesnt have a mic port or speakers, then u need another little piece of Xbox wires, which I tried to look up but failed at finding
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    I have the official Microsoft VGA cable myself and have had zero issues with it hooking it up to a computer monitor. You could also use an HDMI cable if your monitor has an HDMI port on it and you should get an excellent quality connection.
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