WIN XP PRO SP2 upgrade keeps hanging!

Hey guys, I have done everything that I know to do. I built a new system and loaded Win 2KPro with no problems. Every time I have tried to upgrade to WIN XP Pro the system hangs on the XP LOGO. I have tried reformatting, multiple drives, single drives. I have reformatted and done clean instlalls, but that doesnt get me past the XP LOGO screen. Does anyone have a suggestion other than to keep 2K PRO?
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  1. maybe you got screwed up ram? or maybe your xp cd is screwed up? ive had similar problems due to a shitty cd rom. counter-strike game server -
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  2. I think that I have ruled out the cd. I have tried XP Home and Pro. Both are new. You may be correct on the RAM. It is new, but that doesnt mean that it isnt bad. I used the memory test that XP uses and didnt show any errors. Maybe I should try the install with one stick and see what happens.
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