mobo kill?

ok I am dumb..while transfering my old mobo to a new case for my daughter I may have killled it. it will not power up...please dont ask me about putting it back to the old case as my wife took that to the dump!!
situation is as follows
1. green power light on mobo (asus a7v) comes on..but it does not power up.
2. have checked case power switch with another pc works ok
3. have checked psu with another pc works ok
4. have checked approx 199 times that i have conected the little pin atx power,hd led, and reset switch as per mobo manual.
5. have had a little tantrum

supplemental question..if i buy a new mobo will my old dimms pc133 sdram work with mobos designed for newer ddr sdrams???

yours in hope Diarmuid
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  1. No. Can't use sdram on a ddram slot. The ecs k7s5a is a popular board that uses either sdram or ddram, but may be hard to find. Newegg sometimes has them refurbished for about $35. I would suggest you try the board out of the case on top of the box it came in, using just one stick of memory, cpu/heatsink, and video.
  2. OK, calm down, there are very logical reasons why your system might not power up.

    The most common cause is having the board shorted on the underside. That's usually caused by a mounting point contacting the back of the board where you don't have a hole. If it's an OEM case the mounting points might be stamped in, but otherwise it probably uses removable posts called "standoffs". A lot of people recommend you try starting the board with it out of the case to test the board. If you choose that, a phone book is a good thing to lay it on.

    2.) The second most common cause of your problem used to be a reversed IDE cable. Newer cables are always keyed to go only one way, but older cables could be flipped. Also, the floppy cable goes the other way around. I recommend you try starting the systems with all drives unhooked completely, just to see if the board works.

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