I have this weird problem - when I play games, they play well for some time, then randomly the FPS drops to 3-5 or so.
I'm now running Win7, but it did the same thing on Vista.

System specs:
NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT (512 MB)
AMD Athlon 7850 dualcore, 2776 MHz
Motherboard chipset Nvidia geforce 8100, AMD K10

if i need to post anything else, just tell me
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  1. Which games are you playing?
  2. Maybe you have a antivirus that scans your running programs and slows it down for a bit. Try disabling your antivirus and see if that's the issue.

    If not, are you playing FPS online, or offline?
  3. Could be several things; background programs could be the cause, or even low RAM. How much RAM does your rig have? Also, check temps, just in case....
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