How can I connect any console to a computer monitor?

Alrighty, so I'm new here and I thought it would help to know the answer to my problem. This is also posted on Yahoo Answers by me, but since I haven't been getting many helpful answers there, I'm posting it here. Here goes...
So I have a bunch of game consoles and I am always getting more in. I have a Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, PS1, PS2, NES, and a Nintendo 64 and am consistently adding more as I am trying to become a collector. They all have a composite video/audio connection (the red, white and yellow jack ends) to connect to a TV to play, including the NES and Genesis. I am currently using an older, CRT TV to play them on, and would fancy just being able to use them on the same screen as my computer, but not through the computer. I want to connect them to my 20" flat-panel Samsung monitor that has a DVI (currently occupied by my Mac Mini) port and a VGA port on the back of the monitor, and that's it, no USB, HDMI etc. How can I connect all of my systems and others to come that use a composite connection to the monitor? I was looking at this:

And this:

...but I'm not sure that if I bought one of those adapters, if I could just plug it into the back of the monitor and plug in a game console and go. Plus, since none of the consoles have speakers nor does the monitor, I'd have to run the audio through my stereo which has composite ports, which is no big deal. Pretty much, I'm just wondering if either of those adapters connected to my monitor, console, and stereo will work to play them on the monitor or if I need a different adapter to play them or whatever else. I don't really care about amazing audio or video quality, as long as it's playable. (aka surround sound, the best picture available...they're old systems for the most part, standard, down to the bone is fine) And keep in mind that I'm not on a huge budget, so I'd say $10-$20 is what it's worth doing to me. If those cables would work, then great, please tell which one or either and I'm done! But if that's not the proper path, than please tell me what I could do, because I'm sick of this old CRT taking up space...
Thanks for any and all answers.
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  1. neither of those products will do what you're after. the first uses Y / Pr / Pb, and the second one is for connectinga pc to a tv rather than an analogue device to a monitor.
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    you'll need something like this. they won't be cheap.
  3. That looks like it'll do the job, yup.
  4. So the $30 box would do the trick then, connecting the composite connections to the back and the VGA to the front? Because that's way more doable...
  5. should do it, reviews are fairly positive except for those using it for ps3 and xbox360; but for all older systems that came composite people have had no problems.
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  7. Okay thanks a lot.
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