Dawn of War 2 Crashes on startup

Hey all. lately Ive been having problems with DoW2.
It used to work fine on my PC but now whenever I try playing it a 'crash report error' will come up as soon as i try to run the game?

Any ideas?
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  1. If you made any recent video driver updates, it might be giving problems. Try reverting back to your old video drivers (only after completely removing the current ones).
  2. unless they updated automatically i havnt changed any drivers?
  3. Check your Catalyst Control to see which ones you've got. If they're not the latest, download them.
  4. ok. I had Catalyst Control 10.4 before and im updating it to 10.6 now. Is that all i need to download?
  5. I just updated Catalyst Control Centre to 10.6 and DoW2 still wont work =/
    Any more ideas?

    By the way heres a link from google images to a picture of the crash report that i get.
  6. One more thing. A while before I began getting the crash report errors the game would play but all the textures and resolutions randomly became horrible one day (even though in the video options of the game, all the settings showed as being maxed)
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